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UNWIND // [ ən-ˈwīnd ]

: to release from tension to relax

Why Our Studio?

Your path to healing is no longer a mystery.
Unwind will conjure up the code to unlock and ignite your wellness journey.
Explore in-studio therapies that compliment your needs.

Therapeutic Specialties

Custom Massage

One massage does not fit all. Experience a personalized massage session that addresses your specific needs.

Personalized Yoga

Allow one of our yoga alchemists to brew up a class specially designed for your body.

Wellness Days

Watch the magic reveal itself as we bring the wellness to your retreat.

The Unwind Culture

Unwind SRQ is a massage and wellness studio in Sarasota, Florida. We have incorporated many disciplines into our massage style, mostly neuromuscular orthopedic and fascia release.

It’s our goal to collaborate with as many of the amazing massage therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners in this area as possible.

Sarasota is rich with the desire to live healthy and vibrant lifestyles and we have many highly skilled Wellness Advocates here. If we don’t offer the treatment or modality or training that you need, we would like to think we can connect you with someone who does.

The Unwind Space

Our wellness vessel has expanded to offer you even more magic!

Happy Clients

As a teacher and a pianist, I was in bad shape when carpal tunnel/tennis elbow/golfer elbow took over my arm at the end of January. Heather not only has gotten me back on track towards healing but has offered tips for staving it off too! 

Rebecca Heintz

Amazing massage that fixed my plantar fasciitis in only 4 sessions after I had suffered for a year and a half with pain! Heather has helped me so much! I love the calm feel of the space! It’s a great place to do yoga or get some awesome body work!

Daemian Shannon Mains

Heather has magical hands! After suffering from piriformus syndrome for the past several months I finally gave in and went to Heather. After a few weeks of intensive massage the nerve pain vanished. I highly recommend Unwind!

Christine Nordstrom

We understand many of you have concerns over the COVID-19 virus and we want to be transparent in providing information to you about our business practices. Please be advised that it is the option of each of our independently contracted massage therapists to be vaccinated and whether or not to disclose that to the client. We do perform regular sanitization between appointments and therapists will wear masks upon request. However, we understand that some of our clients may still be uncomfortable and we hope to see you in the future when your concerns over the pandemic have lessened.