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About Us

Heather Welch

Heather Welch

My name is Heather Welch. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Neuromuscular Therapist, and a Yoga Instructor in Sarasota, Florida. I graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 1996, and became certified in NMT at that time.

I also specialize in these modalities: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Energetic Bodywork, Traditional Massage of Thailand, and Active Fascial Release. In addition to massage, I received my YT200 Yoga Teacher Training from Pineapple Yoga Studio in 2018.

My lovely, little studio is located in historic Burns Court, in downtown Sarasota, and has two treatment rooms and a cozy yoga space. I have partnered with my daughter, Trinity, who is currently studying Alternative Medicine, to create Unwind Massage and Wellness Studio. We have some local, handcrafted retail, and we collaborate with other local wellness practitioners, such as herbalists and personal trainers.

We offer customized, therapeutic massage treatments, designed specifically for you. Our skilled therapists use their particular skill sets and a variety of modalities. The idea here at Unwind is to help you feel great, both during your massage and in your daily life!

Our Philosophy

We offer customized, therapeutic massage treatments, designed specifically for you. Our skilled therapists use their particular skill sets and a variety of modalities. The idea here at Unwind is to help you feel great, both during your massage and in your daily life!


At Unwind SRQ, we have an amazing team dedicated to to meeting your needs, as well as making you feel safe, comfortable, and having a wonderful relaxing experience.

Kimberly Harrison

Lead Therapist

My name is Kimberley Harrison, I attended Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. My style is a mix of intuition, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Deep Swedish, to help relieve muscle pain and stress. I work deeply but can move across the entire pressure spectrum.  

During my exploration of this career, I have felt passionate and grateful every step of the way while helping people on their restorative journey. 

steve apostoli - 1

Steve Apostoli

Massage Therapist

My name is Steve Apostoli. I’m from New York, and have been here in Florida for eleven years. 

I attended the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. 

My style is a good blend of deep tissue and relaxation, using Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release, to help relieve muscle tension and stress.

José Sarazen

Massage Therapist
Holistic Facialist

My name is José Sarazen and I am a licensed massage therapist and facialist in Sarasota. I’ve dedicated the last 18 years to exploring holistic approaches to aesthetics and body work.

Expect to find connective tissue and Thai massage, crystals, lymphatic drainage and handcrafted skin potions in my therapies.

Lauren FitzGerald

Massage Therapist

Richard Carroll

Massage Therapist

My name is Richard Carroll. I am a Veteran, originally from Oregon. I’m new to the area and graduated from Sarasota’s school of massage therapy last Spring.

My type of massage is therapeutic with targeted deep pressure. After 2 spinal surgeries massage aided greatly with my recovery. This inspired me to pursue a career in massage.  Now I hope to help others with massage.

Nadia Jean

Massage Therapist

My name is Nadia Jean an I have recently relocated to Sarasota from the Northeast and have been a massage therapist for 12 years. I hold multiple advanced certifications and have experience working with clients of all ages & in a variety of settings.  
My massage style is an organic blend of deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial, structural integration, logic & intuition.
I am passionate about education & enjoys supporting clients on healing journeys. 
Unwind Sarasota Massage and Yoga Hillary Kallenberger

Hillary Kallenberger

Yoga Instructor

My name is Hillary Kallenberger, and I am new to Sarasota. As a contemporary dancer, movement has always been a passion and when I found yoga, this passion deepened for all aspects of wellness.

I’m a  Yoga Instructor 500-RYT and personal trainer.  I believe that our personal well-being lies in focusing on wellness rather than illness and my goal is to inspire, educate, and empower.

Lauren Pidone_Unwind

Lauren Pidone

Yoga Instructor

My name is Lauren Pidone and am from Washington DC.

My love for yoga began as a way to express myself physically, emotionally and energetically. Yoga, meditation and movement have become my greatest tools for healing and strengthening both body and mind from chronic pain and traumas. 

Inspired by a blend of yoga styles, my classes allow students to cultivate strength, confidence, balance and peace on and off the mat.

Erika Cain

Creative Consultant
Yoga Instructor

My name is Erika Cain, I’m a Yoga Instructor, Unwind’s Creative Expressionist and instinctively curious about natural healing modalities.

I grew up traveling the world performing in the entertainment industry and this upbringing taught me the value of hard work – physically, emotionally and mentally. No matter what, the show must go on, so why not savor the moment, the movement, and the lessons that arise?

Trinity Welch


My name is Trinity Welch. I’m Heather’s daughter & business partner. 

I’m currently completing a BS in Alternative Medicine at Everglades University, and I plan to get an MBA and Master’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. 

I’m from Sarasota, a practicing yogi, a “meathead hippie,” and a mom who practices natural parenting. It’s my goal to leave a legacy.

Kelly Clark

Seasonal Massage Therapist

Julie Alexander

Seasonal Massage Therapist

My name is Julie Alexander and I am delighted to be in Sarasota.

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2015. I am looking forward to spending a couple of months in Sarasota soaking up the sun and working with clients who are experiencing acute or chronic pain. My massage style is intuitive and you’ll experience a blend of integrative bodywork, including myofascial release and reflexology. I am endlessly fascinated by the mind-body connection and my ultimate goal is to partner with you in support of your overall well-being.

Gabriel Welch

Sustainability Advisor

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