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About Us

Heather Welch

My name is Heather Welch. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Neuromuscular Therapist, and a Yoga Instructor in Sarasota, Florida. I graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 1996, and became certified in NMT at that time.

I also specialize in these modalities: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Energetic Bodywork, Traditional Massage of Thailand, and Active Fascial Release. In addition to massage, I received my YT200 Yoga Teacher Training from Pineapple Yoga Studio in 2018.

My lovely, little studio is located in historic Burns Court, in downtown Sarasota, and has two treatment rooms and a cozy yoga space. I have partnered with my daughter, Trinity, who is currently studying Alternative Medicine, to create Unwind Massage and Wellness Studio. We have some local, handcrafted retail, and we collaborate with other local wellness practitioners, such as herbalists and personal trainers.

We offer customized, therapeutic massage treatments, designed specifically for you. Our skilled therapists use their particular skill sets and a variety of modalities. The idea here at Unwind is to help you feel great, both during your massage and in your daily life!

Our Philosophy

We offer customized, therapeutic massage treatments, designed specifically for you. Our skilled therapists use their particular skill sets and a variety of modalities. The idea here at Unwind is to help you feel great, both during your massage and in your daily life!


At Unwind SRQ, we have an amazing team dedicated to to meeting your needs, as well as making you feel safe, comfortable, and having a wonderful relaxing experience.

Kimberley Harrison

Lead Therapist

Our lead therapist, who joined our flock as a baby bird, continues to spread her wings and soar to new heights at Unwind. She’s been sharing her magic with us since the start of her career in 2020. 

Kim is a mysterious mixture of splendidly quiet and super powerful. With a love for deep, specific work, this massage therapist is dedicated to helping people alleviate pain. She is certified in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, and also gives a wonderful massage if you need to be transported to Blissville. Her style is meaningful and intricate, with no fluff (now it makes sense that she drinks her coffee black).

You’ll often see her at the studio, but if not, you may find those signature glasses behind a book while snuggling with her kitties. 

What she loves about Unwind: “It’s the most welcoming place I’ve ever been a part of.” (we couldn’t do it without you, Kim!)

Steve Apostoli

Massage Therapist

Stephen Apostoli may just be the coolest cat of the bunch. This massage virtuoso is a musician by heart and a healer by touch. Launching his massage therapy career in 2011, he is a vital part of the Unwind team and has been with us since our start.

Working with a rhythmic blend of Swedish, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy, Steve’s cadence transports you from reality to a calming kaleidoscopic world. Some say his treatments are similar to a psychedelic experience, but what we know for sure is that this man is pure magic. With a wing span of over six feet, his ability to massage your foot and shoulder simultaneously is trippy in all the best ways. 

When he’s not gracing us with his tapotement skills, you might see this percussionist on the stages of Siesta Key playing the drums. 

What he loves about Unwind: “It’s serious and relaxed at the same time.” (and certainly a bit more chill when you’re around, Steve!)

José Sarazen

Massage Therapist
Holistic Facialist

The man who needs no introduction: José Sarazen. As a massage therapist and our resident holistic facialist, his work is graceful artistry. Since 2004, José has honed in on his craft, offering treatments with finesse and just the right amount of flair.

His creative style is inspired by lymphatic drainage and myofascial release. Having the nature of a true artist, he translates bodywork to beauty and grace, similar to a poetic journey. There’s a bit of elegance in José’s massage treatments and this artiste even creates the products used in his facials from locally sourced organic ingredients. If you’re looking for a luxurious experience that rejuvenates your youth, look no further.

What he loves about Unwind: “The receivers and the neighborhood.” (from your instagram, the feeling is mutual, José!)

Always designing something divine, he drinks his coffee con leche and loves meaningful conversations with good friends. 

Gillian Whatmore

Massage Therapist
Yoga Instructor

A British yoga devotee since high school and a massage therapist for 30 years, this whimsical soul shares magic on the yoga mat and the massage table.

With extensive experience coupled with the Anusara Yoga approach, Gillian is a wealth of knowledge in the yoga studio – you’ll be sure to sparkle a little brighter when leaving her class. Her passion for healing and helping deeply resonates on the massage table. As a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and a practitioner of John Barnes Myofascial Release, Gillian has a wonderful method of transporting you into an optimized version of yourself, both physically and energetically.

When she’s not at the studio, check the water for you may see her racing her Sunfish sailboat!

Favorite asana: “Half-moon pose because it counters our daily motions and lets us shine out.”

What she loves about Unwind: “It’s genuine nature” (we love your genuine nature too, Gillian!)

Heather Sullivan

Massage Therapist

Her peaceful energy is inviting and her massage technique is intuitive – she may even be the energy recalibrater of the team.

With a slow and intentional approach to massage treatments, Heather S. will leave you feeling as though you’re experiencing a breezy dream. Her passion for helping people uncover inner-peace stems from the belief that everyone deserves to feel good in their body, which is precisely why she continued her education with a certification in oncology massage.

Other than spending quality time with her son and chocolate lab puppy, she creates abstract art and we’re really enthralled by her spirit that shines bright like the sun.

What she loves about Unwind: “Being with a community of spiritual-minded, health-conscious people with beautiful hearts.” (You fit right in, dear!)

Lauren Pidone

Yoga Instructor

One of Unwind’s original alchemists, meet the adventurous Lauren Pidone. Petite in stature, with a larger than life mystical trunk of yoga secrets, this teacher’s radiant heart is dedicated to her life long study of yoga. After it found her in highschool, she became an instructor in 2015 and is passionate about sharing the immense benefits of yoga with others. 

Having the uncanny ability to offer the full spectrum of yoga from pranayama to Ashtanga, Lauren believes that the magic of it all lies just beyond the physical practice: the mental practice. Dedicated to giving others’ the opportunity to join body and mind as one, her personal favorite is Yoga Nidra. This fascinating tradition is said to rewire the brain and act as a method of support in daily life. 

With the archetype of “The Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove,” her heat-building teaching style often begins cozy, effortlessly building into a steady flow that may surprise you of your strength. She incorporates creative sequencing with dynamic postures, breathwork, and traditional teachings. This intuitive yoga teacher simply “knows” what your body is capable of and will guide you into the exploration of your personal serene power.

What she loves about Unwind: “Everything! The people, the environment, the magic.” (you are a key ingredient of this magical delicacy, Lauren!)

Erika Cain

Creative Consultant
Yoga Instructor

The gal behind our posts, blurbs, graphic design, and helps Unwind’s greatest ideas flourish, but did you know she’s also one of our yoga alchemists? With a background in circus arts and stage illusion, this spirited soul’s mission of sharing yoga to heal is intertwined with helping others rediscover inner peace – even in the midst of life’s surprises. Said to be a lifetime practitioner of the mind and spirit aspects of yoga, she was introduced to asana in 2013, became a teacher in 2018, and has evolved into a strong yogi and favored instructor. 

Her teaching style is deeply rooted in connecting with each participant through a lens of compassion and understanding with a sprinkle of encouragement along the way. Erika facilitates classes that radiate further than the physical practice as she threads in concepts of resetting your nervous system, opening your heart, releasing fear, and learning to honor the power of your internal dialogue. 

What she loves about Unwind: “The grounding energy – it’s magic.” (the harmonious feeling is mutual, Erika!)

Trinity Welch


My name is Trinity Welch. I’m Heather’s daughter & business partner. 

I’m currently completing a BS in Alternative Medicine at Everglades University, and I plan to get an MBA and Master’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. 

I’m from Sarasota, a practicing yogi, a “meathead hippie,” and a mom who practices natural parenting. It’s my goal to leave a legacy.

Gabriel Welch

Sustainability Advisor

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