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tap in tune up chill out Sacred Geometry Yoga Series with Michele M Spencer at Unwind Sarasota

Sacred Geometry Series

Unwind Sarasota Invites you to experience Creative Integrated Healing Arts, a 3-Part Sacred Geometry Yoga Series:

Tap In, Tune Up & Chill Out!

~A Sacred Geometric Journey to the Fall Equinox~

Loving You to the Nines!

“If you Knew the Magnificence of 36 and 9, (Energy, Frequency and Vibration) you would have a Key to the Universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla

  • Tap Into your Sacred Geometric body through Discovery and Discussion of the Flower of Life/Numerology/Chakras
  • TuneUp your Source Energy by Saluting the Sun: Surya Namaskara (incrementally 36,72,108) Activating and Charging our Light Muscles!
  • ChillOut to the Healing Vibes of Integral Sound (Singing Crystal/Tibetan bowls, Drums, Tuning forks) …Transform limiting beliefs and Transcend for the Greater Good for the World… Savor and sip Sacred Cacao

The Experience:

A 3-Part Yoga Series Inviting You To:

  • Discover Sacred Geometry
  • Practice Asana-Sun Salutations
  • Listen to Healing Sounds
  • Commune with Cacao

The Teachings:

The word “sacred” is synonymous with the concept of “divine/sky.” The word “geometry” comes from the Greek words “geos/earth” and “metron/ measure.” Together this translates as the “divine measuring of the earth” or “sky and earthly measurements.” Sacred geometry reminds us that there is always harmonic order in nature. Are We Harmonious and in Tuned?

The Fall Equinox represents a time of deep change and presents the opportunity to turn inward in order to heal and remind ourselves of our natural rhythms.

In the yoga practice, the changing of the seasons and other special times are often celebrated by gathering together to complete 108 Sun Salutations, also known as a Yoga Mala. Sun salutations open and energize the entire body, and when done with total awareness, they can bring more prana, or life force, into your system.  This sacred practice offers a complete mind and body transformation, and has become a tradition of advocating for peace worldwide! This beautiful and invigorating moving meditation will shift energy and cultivate true transformation that will test your strength, patience, and perseverance by setting intentions towards a clear path for a new season.

Together, we will break down each pose of the Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskara sequence and then safely move through

36  Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskara on  August 1

72 Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskara A August 22

108 Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskara A on Sept 19

When The Magic Happens:

A Journey to the Fall Equinox:

  • Sunday, August 1, 2021 @ 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Sunday, August 22, 2021 @ 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Sunday, September 19, 2021 @ 9 AM to 12 PM

Who Will Be Guiding:

Instructor: Michele M. Spencer: I Am: Creative. Love!

My passion for the Healing Arts spans over many lifetimes: Master Degree: Exercise Science- Health Promotion/ Author/ E-Registered Yoga Teacher-500/ Kemetic Yoga teacher/ Reiki Master/ Integral Sound Healing/ PSYCH-K® Facilitator/ 22 Master Builder/HD EP/ 34-year Army Combat Veteran: Mystic Warrior/ Humble Servant – Evolving Student. Currently in Sarasota School of Massage Therapy Program (Complete October 2021)


Interested in tuning into harmony? It is encouraged to attend all three parts of this series, but singular dates are available for you.

  • 3-Part Series: $162
  • 2 Workshops: $108
  • 1 Workshop: $54
The 3-Part Series: Sacred Geometry $162 ticket sales has ended!
The 1 Workshop: Sacred Geometry $54 ticket sales has ended!
The 1 Workshop: Sacred Geometry $54 ticket sales has ended!
The 1 Workshop: Sacred Geometry $54 ticket sales has ended!


Sun, 08/01/2021


9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Unwind SRQ
630 S. Orange Ave, Ste 103, Sarasota, FL 34236