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Using Essential Oils in Practice

With Clinical Herbalist Heather W. Locklear, MS

Begin to uncover the plant kingdom’s most powerful form of medicine, Essential Oils. This workshop will touch on topics from sourcing to dosing, followed by an in-depth discussion about the safe use of essential oils, and their therapeutic effects in a structured setting such as massage therapy or yoga class.  Heather will conclude the afternoon with dilution guidelines for blending your own formulas.

About Heather W. Locklear, MS

Heather's Holistic Health

I am a clinical herbalist with a master’s degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.). I specialize in medicinal plants and nutrition, with an emphasis on interactions of herbs, foods, and medicines, contraindications and safety. I look at healing the whole person through the use of herbs, essential oils, foods and mindfulness techniques. I create custom protocols and blends with herbs, essential oils, foods, and supplements to promote healing and balance.

My intention is to assist in building the much needed bridge between conventional medicine and C.A.M. – a bridge fully supported so as the client/patient can walk back and forth uninhibited, for the purpose of creating optimal wellness. I totally support integrating alternative modalities with conventional medicine, and work closely with physicians and other healthcare practitioners. Learn More

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Sun, 08/29/2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm




Unwind SRQ
630 S. Orange Ave, Ste 103, Sarasota, FL 34236