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Local Resources

At Unwind SRQ we love supporting the community, local businesses and people.
These people have earned our trust, you should check them out.

We Love These People

Heather's Holistic Health

Heather’s Holistic Healing

Specialist in Clinical Herbology

Heather’s unique position allows her to creatively optimize and intuitively blend your healthcare experience.

Daemian Mains

Definition Fit

Sarasota Personal Training

Get to the gym, get a great workout and get on with your day. It’s a clean, fun facility that’s easy to access and rock the best workout ever in the history of time.

Erika Cain Creative

Web & Graphic Design | Marketing

An imaginative entrepreneur who is wildly optimistic about propelling companies and individuals into their next evolution.


Team Tony

Cancer Foundation

Mission: To provide free peer-to-peer support and resources to cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers so no one on Florida’s Suncoast faces cancer alone.

Coastal Fitness and Correction

Orthopedic and Cancer Exercise Specialist

Through measured progress of strength, range of motion, stability, and mobility, we are here to empower clients to live each day at their highest and healthiest ability.


Cultured veggies loaded in probiotics.

Our blends use key ingredients that have healing qualities and healing energetics; high grade ginger, turmeric root, pink Himalayan salt and other spices that have different energetics to aid in healing the body on subtle levels.

People we love Sarasota Unwind Artisan Florist

Artisan Florist

Floral Designer

Our neighbor and first choice for flowers! Molly offers the finest floral arrangements, beautiful floral designs and unique pottery. 

Matthew Frost


a Sarasota-based composer, sound engineer, and performer. He has been obsessed with music since 3 years old and has musicians many generations back in his family. His original music style is something he uses to spread light, love, and healing wherever he performs.  His music has a message and every note an intention.

Wild Yoga Program

Big Cat Habitat Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Advocating the human and animal connection, these yoga experiences allow you to dive deeper into the energetic bond between all.

Bliss Dermatology

Michelle Pennie, MD

Our focus is unique: we integrate, dermatology and anti-aging treatments in a luxurious, patient-centric environment.

Dr. Carrie A. DeWolf, LMHC

Mental Health Counselor

Her background in Education, Psychology, Arts and Yoga training are used as an integrative, holistic and active approach to health and wellness. 

Matthew Troyer


Matthew uses his prior military experience, expanded knowledge of fine art photography, and creative conceptual development to create work exploring the military experience, combat trauma, memory, familial relationships, and unseen heroes.

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