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Operation Rubix

Unwind Massage and Wellness Proudly Supports Veterans

We stand by the heroes of our nation and are honored to be a provider through
Operation Rubix: A Network of Options for Veterans and Their Families

“The mission of Operation Rubix is to provide a network of options to Veterans and their families. Our focus and idea is that “not one size shoe fits all.” It is true that treatment options may work for some but not others. Operation Rubix is designed to offer different types of treatment so that the veterans and families can feel safe and comfortable with the provider they choose. We believe that a veteran can find peace within if they have the right resource available to them. Operation Rubix will strive to use local resources in Sarasota County to provide different treatment options for our local veterans and their families. We strive to provide traditional therapies along with alternative therapies. We serve to fill the gaps that an over worked and under staffed VA system cannot cover by providing family therapy and help for family members of veterans.”