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Unwind With Yoga

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A private yoga practice and massage specifically designed for active people. Combining the knowledge of a neuromuscular therapist and yoga instructor, understand where you are strong or weak, tight or flexible, and how to adjust your movement, so you can raise your game.

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Gain the initial knowledge of yoga, focus on personal interests, concerns or goals. A private yoga session with one of our qualified private yoga instructors will give you the opportunity to safely enhance your practice, understand modifications, and work on flexibility, strength or meditation.

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A variety of small group classes available for different levels and abilities. Group yoga classes are a way to share and explore technique and movement while building upon the collective energy in the room. Every class will be grounded in proper alignment, breath work and mind-body awareness.

Curiosity Sparked?

Unwind offers monthly and weekly yoga rituals.
Contact us for questions, or visit our calendar to register.

Indulge: Tandem Yoga: Flow Infused with Massage – Tuesdays at 6 PM

Celebrate: Happy Power Yoga – Fridays at 4 PM

Cleanse: Backyard Yoga – One Sunday a Month at The Edge of The Earth

Nurture: Full Moon Yoga – Full Moon Flow Bathed in the Moonlight

Why Private Yoga?

New to Yoga? Practicing for years? Rediscovering your practice?

If you have a body, you’re in the right place. Our yoga instructors at UNWIND will offer you the tools to take the next step on your yoga journey or safely enrich your current practice.

We take the time to address your individual concerns to ensure that you can explore your physical practice with confidence by explaining modifications and safe alignment for your body.

Need Yoga?

When you feel good, it shows.